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Before us is an exciting new strategy game Royal Knight. In it we will transfer you to a distant fairy-tale world in which there are forces of good and evil. The main character of this game live in the kingdom of men, and a general of the Royal Guard. One day, the dark tyrant who ruled the neighboring kingdom went to war against the kingdom of men. King gave you the order to meet his army on the border and throw back the aggressor. soldiers and you will be able to more effectively resist the forces of the enemy. locations maps will be located in front of you with locks on them and you need to grab them all. With its main base to send their soldiers in the dates of your forts. Once there it will be your will and your flag will set the recruits to join your army. But remember that the enemy does not sleep and will perform the same action so that you are waiting for a fascinating battle a lot of running. During the game you will be given bonuses that you need to use wisely. Alternatively, the production of new weapons or recruiting new soldiers. With each new card will increase the intensity of the confrontation, but we believe that showing his talent military leader and strategist, you will win the battle. Game Royal Knight is a well-researched script and will be enjoyed by all players who love strategy. The developers wrote it using HTML5 technology that gives you the opportunity to fight with the enemy by playing on any modern device. You can play the game online Royal Knight on our website. We would advise you to recommend it to your friends, then you will be able to choose a side and fight in the Royal Knight against each other.